Race Horses

It’s not uncommon for many people to have an assumption that there is just only one horse breed that is suitable for the racehorse circuit. In fact, there are other few types of horse breeds that thrive on various horse races that usually attract interests. Among popular horse races include thoroughbred racing, endurance racing, harness racing and quarter racing just to name few. Thus, there are different horse breeds that involve in these races.

Here are different kinds of horses used for racing:

Thoroughbreds: The thoroughbred horses are the best horses with unique and amazing racing ability. They are very successful and popular at racing. Realistically, the biggest world horse races are only participated by thoroughbreds. These breeds can participate in many different types of horse races, but they are commonly used in thoroughbred racing.
They are sometimes referred to as purebreds, but it’s not. A purebred horse means that the horse parents are both from the same breed. A thoroughbred is a distinct breed of its own. So, don’t confuse between thoroughbred and purebred.

Arabian Horse:

This is another kind of horse that is used in races. Arabians horses have gained influence and recognition for being a suitable horse in handling the racing circuit. It is really uncommon for thoroughbreds and other variety of horse breeds to have Arabian blood in their history. Arabians horses do their best in endurance racing.
They are best suited for this race because they are capable of traveling very long distances countering various challenges among them including challenging terrain as well as intense heat.

• The American Standardbred: is another kind of horse which you can’t lock out as you list racing horses. With there being varieties of racing events, there are some that are best suited for a specific horse breed. For example, it’s believed that harness racing which is a very exciting event, it’s best suited for standardbred horses. It’s believed that the standardbred history comprises many other breeds types such as Morgans and Hackneys among others.
The American Standardbred is better suited for harness racing due to their well-muscled body, solid legs as well as powerful shoulders and hindquarters that enables it to trot as well as the pace at a high speed.

• The American Quarter Horse:

While these horse recognition and influence is based on strength as well as their rocky appearance, they also perform exceptionally in some specific races. Categorically, Quarter horses excel in the quarter mile race which resounds its name. The quarter horses have unique characteristics and the ability for speed over the short distances. They are also used in different other sports activities.

Conclusion The above discussed four horse breeds are the most populous in racing events. They are well known due to their varying and amazing abilities to accomplish given specific races that are best suited for them.

Since there are many different types of horse races, there are unique demands that are placed on different horses depending on each type of racing event.

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