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Oftentimes, your horse racing systems adapt to the new conditions of new races. Indeed, there is no such thing as “same old, same old” races in horse racing. Weather conditions, post positions, jockey and trainer combinations, ground conditions, and horse class and fitness are just a few factors in horse racing.

Thus, adapting your systems according to the type of race can be a logical move. Here then are the types of horse races.

Stakes and Handicap Races
These are the highest level of horse racing, which offers the highest purse winnings amongst all types. Thus, if you win here, you win big! Adapt your horse racing systems to allow you this advantage.

Also, stakes races are participated in only by the best horses in the stables, the creme de la creme of the horse racing world. The racing adrenaline alone is enough motivation to bet on these horses.

On the other hand, horses in a handicap race carry varying weights. This is supposed to level out the racing field such that a better horse will have about the same chances of winning as an inferior horse; usually, the former is assigned heavier weights.

Thus, you might want to bet on the horses with heavier weights on the assumption that they are superior. Also, take into consideration that weight breaks are also assigned to younger horses, fillies, and other handicap conditions as the Racing Secretary sees fit.

Allowance Races
In allowance races, conditions are set by the Racing Secretary. These conditions limit the qualifications by which a horse can enter the race. Thus, you will hear of qualification requirements like non-winner of two races other than maiden, or non-winner of three races other than maiden.
In these types of races, you have to reconfigure your horse racing systems to account for these horse requirements. Expect that your favorite horse can perform differently in a different class.

Maiden Races
Maiden races are participated in by horses who have never won a race. In a sense, it is the horse’s initiation to the professional world of horse racing. These races are further subdivided into two types. The maiden allowance is generally participated in by the best bred and youngest horses on the track, with consequently higher purses than the maiden claiming race. This second type differs from maiden allowance because the horses can be bought after the race.

Your horse racing systems would have to take into account the unproven winning ability of the maiden horses. You have to possess higher risk tolerance, acceptance of speculative losses, and a formidable knowledge of horses and horse racing, among others, to find the thrill of betting on maiden horses an exhilarating and rewarding experience.

These are the stages of racing that a horse must go through – from maiden races to stakes races. If you are an avid punter in horse racing, you can adapt your horse racing systems to reflect the changes (or non-changes) in a horse’s racing career.

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